Raimona National Park is located in extreme western part of Assam, India. It is spread across Gossaigaon and Kokrajhar subdivisions of Kokrajhar district of BTR. It was declared to be National Park on 5 June 2021 by the announcement of Assam’s Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on the occasion of World Environment Day at Gandhi Mandap, Guwahati. On 09th June, 2021; it became as National Park through an Assam Gazette Notification no.FRW.02/2021/27 dtd. 08th June, 2021. It is a part of a contiguous forest patch with an area of 422 km2 (163 sq mi) covering the northern part of the notified Ripu Reserve Forest (508.62 km2 (196.38 sq mi)), which forms the westernmost buffer to Manas Tiger Reserve in the foothills of Eastern Himalaya Biodiversity Hotspot.The present Raimona National Park was originally recommended as Ripu-Chirang Wildlife Sanctuary being part of Ripu reserved forest and Chirang reserved forest being adjacent a part of it was also mooted to be within. Those were made owing to its significance for conservation of Asian elephants, gaur or Indian “bison” and golden langur, all of which have large populations in the area.It is also part of Chirang-Ripu Elephant Reserve.Raimona National Park is famous for golden langur, an endemic species (with Bhutan) which has been named as the mascot of Bodoland region. It also has Asian elephant, Bengal tiger, clouded leopard, gaur, chital, four to five species of hornbills, more than 150 species of butterflies, 170 species of birds, 380 varieties of plants and orchids. It is already on the global map being an Important Bird & Biodiversity Area.

Raimona Golden Langur Eco-tourism Society (RGES), a community based Society formed on 26th June ,2021 soon after the declaration of Raimona National Park on 5th June,2021and notified on 8th June 2021 by the Govt. of Assam . RGES has its headquarter at Raimona,opposite to Raimona western range office. The Emergence of Raimona Golden Langur Ecotourism Society is an era of transition of mindset of our people from Poaching & Deforestation to Ecotourism.The Society promises to work jointly with the forest department to safeguard the flora and fauna of Raimona National Park and promote Ecotourism for Community development. The Society believes in its motto “To Serve, Explore and Conserve”. The Society has 700 Youth members from 52 villages. RGES works in Raimona National park, part of a contiguous forest patch with an area 422 Sq. Kms and in its adjacent areas at Chowdhuri Ghat and Paglighat. The nomenclature of RGES is taken from Golden Langur , an endemic species for which Raimona National Park is very renown. Raimona Golden Langur Ecotourism Society (RGES) promotes tourism such as Jungle trekking, Rafting, Jungle Cycling tour, Safari tour, Sankosh River Bath, Bird watching,Butterfly watching , trip to Bodo villages and Bodo Cultural Exhibition. It also provides food and accommodation in designed Homestays in Bodo Villages.