Raimona Golden Langur Eco-tourism Society (RGES), a community based Society formed on 26th June ,2021 soon after the declaration of Raimona National Park on 5th June,2021and notified on 8th June 2021 by the Govt. of Assam . RGES has its headquarter at Raimona, opposite to Raimona western range office. The Hon’ble Forest Executive Member Sjt. Ranjit Basumatary has been constantly supporting the Society also gets help from the Pioneer of Raimona National Park and Manager of WTI Shri Sanatan Deka. The Socitey has Promised to work jointly with the forest department on conserving the nature heritage of Bodoland. The Society believes in its motto “To Serve, Explore and Conserve”. RGES works in Raimona National park, part of a contiguous forest patch with an area 422 Sq. Km and in its adjacent areas at Chowdhuri Ghat and Paglighat. The nomenclature of RGES is taken from Golden Langur , an endemic species for which Raimona National Park is very renown. Raimona Golden Langur Ecotourism Society (RGES) promotes tourism such as Jungle trekking, Rafting, Jungle Cycling tour, Safari tour, Sankosh River Bath, Bird watching, Butterfly watching , trip to Bodo villages and Bodo Cultural Exhibition. It also provides food and accommodation in designed Homestays in Bodo Villages.


Jungle Trekking
Jungle Cycling Tour
Safari Tour
Bird Watching
Butterflly Watching
River Bath
Trip to Bodo Villages


From luxury home stay to dormitories, an assortment of accommodation options are available in Raimona National park.It also provides food and accommodation in designed Homestays in Bodo Villages. it would be recommended to book ahead and paying in advance. Most numbers of hotels are maintained and furnished by the Forest departments.



Guwahati Airport To Raimona National Park 257Km

Rupsi Airport To Raimona National Park 73.2Km

Bagdogra International Airport To Raimona National Park 247Km